About Liza Veta Magazine

Liza Veta is a British Independent Fashionable Innovations Magazine founded in 2019 in London. It is the only magazine in the UK that combines women's and men's fashion, health & beauty, psychology, innovations and FinTech (cryptocurrencies and blockchain).


About 10,000 copies are printed quarterly and distributed free in homes and businesses in the areas of Richmond, Kingston and Chelsea.​


The Editor in Chief, Liza Veta, is a fashion designer with a financial background and a founder​ of Liza Veta, an independent luxury clothing, accessory, beauty and home decor brand. That's why the magazine is a mix of fashion and finance.


The brand was founded in 2014 in London by designing and manufacturing sophisticated womenswear. In May 2018 a first Liza Veta boutique was opened in Richmond where clothing and accessories were presented for a chic area of Richmond. In 2019 Liza Veta launched home decor and natural organic skincare products.

Nick Entwistle, the sub-editor, and he is also a successful producer for a national radio broadcaster.

Enjoy reading Liza Veta Magazine!