Sure, you have your favourite shirt, trousers and suit combo. But while you are on the go for meetings, lunch dates, deadlines and trips to the gym, don’t let your fashion sense melt away with your daily routine.

Liza Veta picks the strongest styles from menswear award winner to freshen your style.

1. Our favourite choice - rich navy “midnight” blue tailored suit with contrast details. Perfectly paired with a plain snow-white shirt and dark brown shoes.

Marc Darcy, Navy Contrast Trim Three Piece Suit, £208

2. Relax and formal, wear light grey trousers! It will always bring confidence to the table. Complete it with white, yellow, pink, green or navy shirt. Black colour shoes will be the best option.

Marc Darcy, Victor - Grey Herringbone Velvet Contrast Trousers, £49

3. Prussian blue is one of the most unique suit colours! Match the pocket square with suit buttons, and go for light brown shoes.

Marc Darcy styled it in the perfect way. Navy Three Piece Suit with Contrast Buttons, £208

4. Freshen up your look with olive green jacket and trousers. Perfectrly goes with a black shirt and English style polished shoes.Great for wearing at the office and after work time.

Moss Green Check Suit, Marc Darcy, £175

5. If you want to look different, then you will never go wrong with check suit. This pattern doesn’t go out of fashion: whether you need it for your work or evening occasion.

Marc Darcy offers brown shades check suits with classic brown shoes and navy blazer. Tan Tweed Check Suit, £175