ART and Life

A young inspiring London based artist, Mayya Hryhoryeva, who followed her mother’s love of the Impressionist movement, growing up with her vast home library of books about the great painters of the 19th and 20th centuries. Two years ago Mayya decided to swap her career in media for something she has always needed to do: oil painting.

Being a passionate advocate of outdoor living, she takes her inspiration in nature, especially while travelling and exploring different parts of the world.

Mayya works mainly with private commissions and recently took part in the annual Holland Park Art exhibition 2019.

She works with clients to jointly create artwork to fulfil their vision and accommodate special individual interior aspirations.

“Buying art on impulse is becoming rarer. These days people are getting more interested and engaged with art exploration. Ordering a commission allows the art buyer not only to fulfil their own art vision, but also gives a chance to become a collaborator. Yes, I think of my clients as collaborators as we create art together. I am, in a way, writing their story with paints and brushes. This experience gives deeper meaning to the artwork and makes it a wonderful memorable journey.”

You can explore the artist’s works on her Instagram account @Mayya_Artist or by arranging a private viewing via