Men’s Style Fundamentals with British Tailor Shelton Miranda

Only just a few years ago, the main look for smart menswear predominantly included suits or a traditional navy blazer and chinos, dressed up or dressed down. But times have changed. Men now think about choosing a style not only fit for the occasion, but to also match their lifestyle.

Exciting as it is, steering your way through the world of men’s fashion may not be as easy you imagine. Don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to really understand how to put combinations together only to find your end result is confusion-in-a-waistcoat.

So, how to dress well, when the choices are overwhelming?

In an ideal world, it would be great to have garments that are seasonal. Always try to invest in garments that are made from natural fibres. For the Spring/Summer season, consider garments that are medium to lightweight. For the Autumn/Winter, a medium to heavyweight fabric is ideal. Try pure wools, brushed cotton, moleskins or Harris Tweed.

Patterns are another thing to consider. Sometimes they can be daunting to wear, especially if you are concerned with clashing. The best way to wear them with confidence is to have either one or two of the garments patterned and the remaining items plain. If you are choosing two patterned and one plain, consider a larger checked pattern on the jacket, a smaller check for the shirt and then a plain trouser/jeans or chinos to balance out the look.

On a cold Autumnal day you can boost your look by adding a waistcoat or a knitted pullover. They can be fun to wear and will give you some additional warmth.

Accessories matter too. Create impeccable and unique looks by adding accessories such as a hat, knitted tie, pocket square or a scarf. These accessories will help create the look you are aiming for. Accessories like a wool, cashmere or a silk scarf are great choices.

If following these steps still leaves you unsure and would like someone else to take care of your sartorial requirements, consider having your clothes made and have garments tailored to your size and shape. A good tailor will be more than happy to advise you on what will suit your body shape and complexion, as well as suggesting the best fabrics and textures for your needs.

If you have a taste for a higher grade of luxurious fabrics, think about pure cashmeres for jackets and overcoats, cotton or cashmere for shirts, and Super 140’s flannels for trousers. And for the rarest, softest and most expensive cloth in the world, how about something made with pure Vicuña wool from the high Andes? Just imagine a beautifully crafted suit, blazer or overcoat fit for royalty!

Shelton Miranda Says...

Having worked in the menswear industry for over 30 years, 10 of which at 1 Savile Row, I had a chance to work closely with the best tailors in the world. After a decade of honing my tailoring skills on ‘The Row’, the idea of creating a bespoke tailoring business came true.

The Shelton Miranda brand is specialised in men's tailoring and oriented towards creating impeccable designs using luxury cloths, drawing inspiration from an era where tailoring was an art and adding a 21st century touch. Since developing the brand, we have been creating bespoke and made to measure suits, jackets, overcoats, shirts, jeans and chinos.

We start your garment journey with a consultation, giving advice what will suit your body shape and complexion, suggesting the best fabrics and textures for your needs, and explaining the process of getting your items made. Once the tailoring journey is over, your new garments are ready to start a new journey with you for years to come, and give you timeless, unique and impeccable style.