Summer is almost here, and while you are thinking how to change your wardrobe, we chose the best picks for your summer party.

1. Modest black and white.

When you need to combine style and modesty, the combination of black and white is a perfect choice. A tailored dress with black and gold shoes can be ideally accomplished with beaded drop earrings and jewel embellished bag.

2. Beautiful pink.

My mood today is pink... Have you ever felt that as you experience the moment in being loving, bubbly and playful!? If you are currently feeling this, then our collection of pink and white dresses with cherry earrings and glamorous pale pink bucket bag is a beautiful choice for your brightest of days.

3. Red and nude.

Passionate and adventurous, red will always make you the focus of attention. Specially if you are enjoying a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other!

Add to it a splash of nude, straw tote and fine delicate shoes.

4. Innocent white.

How to pick the perfect dress for tanned skin? You will never go wrong if you choose white. Beautiful in contrast with bronzed skin, white dresses and colourful accessories are the perfect choice to stand out!