Russian Red with Italian Intensity

Liza Veta Cocktail

by Salvatore Pantano

Antica Formula


Cherry Liquor

Splash of Bourbon

Maraschino cherry syrup

Orange bitters

Floral Essence Spray

Garnish: Edible Flower, Orange Peel


Salvatore Pantano, Head Mixologist at The Gate Bar in Richmond Harbour Hotel, created and generously presented to us a creation with our brand name - Liza Veta Cocktail.

Salvatore and I met together to taste and talk about this beautiful and artistic drink.

Salvatore, thank you so much for creating a special cocktail for Liza Veta! Tell more about yourself. How did you become a professional bartender?

It was a big pleasure to create a cocktail for you. My professional career started in Italy as a bartender nearly 20 years ago. Five years ago, I decided to move to London to grow professionally. After some time, I’ve received an offer to work at The Gate Bar in the Richmond Harbour Hotel. I was given an opportunity to use my creative skills at work and create my own cocktails for our clients. It was creative freedom that every bartender dreams of! I came up with new drinks that were greatly appreciated by our loyal and new customers.

How did you come up with the idea to create a unique cocktail for Liza Veta?

I admire your brand’s identity. It is young, passionate, spiritually free and visually sophisticated. I think, it is great that The Gate and Liza Veta always supported each other and had good relations.

Thank you for your words! I know that mixologists don’t reveal all the secrets, but can you describe the main ingredients in the cocktail, and why you chose them?

For the cocktail, I mixed a brand image with my Italian “aperitivo” background, added a little bit of sophistication, and here we go. Ok ok, I will give more details. I used Antica Formula, Campari, cherry liquor, a little bit of bourbon, some maraschino cherry syrup, orange bitters and finished with floral essence spray. Then garnished with edible flowers and a long and thin orange peel all around a stylish martini glass. I combined Russian red and Italian intensity. Salute!

Where can we taste the cocktail?

When The Gate Bar is open again, it will be available to all!