After a successful modelling career in Belarus, Liza decided to make a clean break from the industry and attain a Masters degree in Mathematical Finance. But unable to keep away from fashion for too long, she created her LIZA VETA brand in 2015 in London, combining the two sides of women: the strong, independent smart woman along with her feminine side.

Liza created five elegant and very feminine collections, offering classic styles for day, work and evening occasions.

“I dress women not only in the stylish and elegant, but also in true quality. Rather than fast-fashion, I teach them how to select outfits that break the rules that state fashion is for one season only. The added benefit is that together we contribute to the environment and sustainability.

My garments, including linings, are made from 100% biodegradable silks, wools and cottons. Hence, I provide long-term solutions for women’s needs. I absolutely admire those who are strong inside, but loyal to their feminine nature. This is very attractive for me“, Liza Veta.

All designs are available online and in Liza Veta Richmond boutique. There are also bespoke services, pop up events and celebration parties that are held yearly by Liza Veta.