Lithuanian artist Vita Mikutaite takes her art from the walls to your wardrobe allowing you to dazzle and shine. Re-energising the drip painting of Pollock and Sobel, Vita builds these techniques around what brings her joy in the stunning Thames-side town of Marlow.


Drip painting gained notoriety as an art form through Jackson Pollock in the mid-twentieth-century. The most involving part of this type of painting is that you can be a child again. Experiment, play, and find beauty in your imperfections!

There is no need of special tools or types of paints. Sticks, hardened brushes, syringes, spoons, sprays can be used for energetic brush strokes or the pouring the colours.

At first, an object such as horse is sketched, covered with wax and then many splashes and drips are added to create the background. When dry, scraping of the wax reveals the central object that is detailed until the painting is finished. The painting looks like a blurry for few hours, which then dazzles by becoming bright and clear.

Acrylic or home paints are used, which mostly comes in unusual pastel colours.

With the dripping technique, by rotating and moving the canvas, adding splashes of colours, it is possible to create beautiful turning of the Earth effect.

After some time, I decided to print my paintings on the unisex T-shirts. My vision was to create a lightweight painting, which can be worn for various casual occasions. The design was dedicated to

the beautiful town by the River Thames – Marlow, where I live and create. The place is known for horse trials, creativity and wealth of nature, that’s why many of my paintings and designs are about horses.

T-shirt designs are exact representations of my paintings, which could be described as engaging, energising and powerful, or as “wearing the art“.

In this fast-moving life, when people often travel round the world, paintings can be hard to be carried around. However, there is a possibility to be unique and wear the painting in the form of T-shirt.”

All t-shirts can be found at Liza Veta online shop www.mylizaveta.com.